Using The Map

This guide describes the various features of the map. If this is your first time using this map, go ahead and select the buttons located directly on the map to see what they do. If you see something of interest on the map, try selecting it to get more information.

For further information about the various map features, refer back to this guide. Have fun exploring!



Moving the map

Option 1 - Select and Drag
Select anywhere on the map and drag in any direction to reposition it. Continue to drag (or swipe) the map as needed until you reach the desired location.

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Option 2 - Overview Mode: Select the overview icon in the lower left portion of the map to display the map overview. Simply select and drag the grey rectangle to reposition the map as needed. The dark gray rectangular area in the overview represents the current map view.

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Zooming in

Select this button to zoom in and get a closer more detailed view of an area. You may continue zooming in as close as the map will allow.

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Zooming out

Select this button to get a wider less detailed view of an area. You may continue to zoom out as far as the map will allow.

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Home/reset the map to original position

Select this button to return the map to the starting location and zoom level.

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Move to your position

Select this button to position the map at your current location. If you are using a GPS enabled device like a phone or tablet, the GPS signal from your device will used. Your location may also be determined by looking up your network address.

Note: In some cases, you may be prompted for your permission to access your location.

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Selecting features for more information

Most of the map features can be selected for additional information. Simply click or touch the feature. An informational popup will appear. The popup may also have additional links for even more information.

Example: The sample displayed shows an informational popup that provides information about a project. Notice that the heading says "(1 of 2)" which indicates that there are two projects at that location. Selecting the arrow button in the popup header will display the other feature.

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The search box helps you to locate a place by name or address. Simply start entering the name or address of a place in the search box.

As you type, a list of matches will appear below for you to select. Selecting one of the options will reposition the map.

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Changing the map view

Change the map type (basemap)

Select this button to change the underlying map type. You can typically choose from Street, Satellite, and Topographical views. Simply select the map view that suits you and watch the map change. You can change the map view as often as you like.

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Showing and hiding map features (layers)

Select this button to show or hide map features (also called map layers). Simply check or uncheck the box next to the feature layer.

Some feature layers are organized into groups. Checking or unchecking the box next to the group () will show or hide all of the feature layers in that group.

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Showing and hiding the map legend

Select this button to show a list of features currently being displayed on the map with their associated symbology.

When displayed, the map legend panel will be positioned on the right side of the map. Selecting the legend button again will hide the panel.

You may also adjust the width of the legend panel by selecting and dragging the left edge of the panel to the desired width.

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Printing the map

Select this button to print the current map view from your web browser. Printing options may vary from browser to browser.

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Downloading the map

Select this button to generate a downloadable image of your current map view. The map will create the image in "PNG" format.

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